Jack’s Timber Clocks

berwick woodworkers club timber clock

Sextus Clock

This clock is designed around the Harrison Chronometer. The design came from Woodentimes Website.

berwick woodworkers club timber clock


This was the first clock i made.I got the design from an English wood magazine.

berwick woodworkers club timber clock

Chime Clock

This clock I designed and built with much frustration  and patience.

berwick woodworkers club clock

Cycle Clock

This Clock I call The Cycle Clock was designed and built by me. Instead of having gears and pinions, I used chainwheels and sprockets connected by a chain.The clock has six chainwheels and seven sprockets plus a 30 teeth escapement wheel which I cut from 2mm sheet steel.
A clutch sprocket was used to carry the driving weight.
WHEN I finally finished constructing the clock I found that there was so much friction throughout the clock that I had to use a 24kg weight to make it run.

For more details click here: Jack’s Cycle Clock

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