An important part of your experience at Berwick District Woodworkers Club Inc. will be learning to follow practices and procedures that will prevent injuries to YOURSELF, OTHER MEMBERS AND VISITORS.
Members are required to develop a good, positive attitude toward safety. This means that you acknowledge the importance of safety and you diligently learn the safest way to perform your woodwork. It also means that you will work carefully and follow all Club rules — particularly when no one is watching you.
Carefully study the safety rules which follow. Mentors and/or Session Leaders may also recommend some additional rules, procedures and practices for the task you are undertaking. You are expected to follow the rules and directions to the extent that they become safety habits that you perform almost automatically.
You cannot achieve good safety awareness through experience alone. Many accidents occur to experienced Operators who feel more comfortable in the shop and therefore become complacent in following safety guidelines. Safety is achieved by; knowledge, awareness and constant vigilance — every time, all the time.
A safety training session and a shop tour, noting fire extinguishers and first aid equipment, is to be conducted each quarter during your session by the Session Leader.
NEVER be afraid to ask a Session Leader or Mentor for help.
NEVER use a new or unknown machine without first reading the manufacturer’s manual, asking for training from your Mentor or Session Leader and operating the machine whilst a Supervisor watches.
More importantly, all Members are expected to applaud those who report safety incidents or safety near misses, remove damaged machinery or tools from service promptly or take action to preserve the safety of themselves and others.